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If you’d like to play golf somewhere different, but relatively close to home, then consider a break in France.

Just across the water

You don’t have to drive far in France to find some beautiful golf courses – particularly in the northern and western regions. As you might expect there are seaside and parkland courses, but many visiting golfers are impressed by the variety and quality as well as the stunning scenery to be enjoyed. On top of that, it’s surprisingly inexpensive, uncrowded and un-stuffy.

Pack your car - the clubs go free

Sail from a wide choice of ferry ports, and by taking your car you’ll be free to try a number of courses in your chosen destination. You’ll also be free from airport parking, long check-ins and excess baggage charges. Simply pack all the gear you need safely in the boot with no extras to pay!

Aprés golf

Both in the clubhouse and beyond, you’ll find the French often take their food and drink more seriously than their golf! Then of course, there’s the natural splendour and heritage of France to add to your golfing experience. From Normandy’s historical connections, through the Celtic character of Brittany, to the châteaux of the Loire, the pine forests of the South West and more.